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VeriPure's VP INLINE 1 gives you the customer the option to pick the filter that best fits your needs to filter out contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, cyst, bad taste, odors, sediment and more from your water at a cost friendly price! 

  • Comes assembled and ready to connect to your existing faucet, no separate drinking water faucet needed!
  • Easy to install- comes with everything needed from start to finish. 
  • VeriPure offers four different filter options for you to choose from to meet your water quality needs, see below.
  1. VP ELF 1ML- Activated Carbon block effective at removing chlorine, taste, odor, lead, and cyst. Service life 1 year/ 3,000 gallons. Max, Flow Rate: 1.67 GPM
  2. VP ELF T-40- Granular Activated Carbon effective at removing chlorine taste and odors. Service Life: 1 Year/ 5,000 gallons. Max. Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM
  3. VP ELF ABA2000- Effective at removing fluoride. Service Life: 1,260 Grains./6 months/ Approx. 500 gallons. Max. Flow Rate: 1.67 GPM
  4. VP ELF 5M SED- Effective dirt and sand Reduction. Service Life: 6 months Max. Flow Rate: 1.67 GPM
  • Filter replacement is just as easy with simple quarter turn to lock or unlock filter from the filter head.
  • No water messes during filter replacement, filter is sealed in cartridge housing eliminating having to handle a canister full of water from under your sink.
  • Recommend tools for installation include, crescent wrench, Cordless drill with 5/32 drill bit, Phillips screwdriver, and a level. That's it!
  • Replacement filters available direct from
  • Made in the USA


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