Model: VeriPure VP6100 Ozone Water Purifer 

Purpose: Purified Drinking Water, POU Disinfectent Rinse.

Flow Rate: .75 GPM (optional 1 GPM)

Dimensions: 15.5"L x 6"W x 18.25"T

Applications: Residential/Commercial, Counter Top Model, Faucet Diverter(supplied).

Additional: Faucet Diverter Valve/ faucet adapters  supplied with unit. 

Electric Input: 120v (12v compatible)

Note: Cold Water Only

Installation: Instructions Provided, plumbing/ electrical assistance may be neccesary dependent on application.

Maintenance: Filters/Dielectric maintenance is supported by VeriPure. 



VeriPure VPC6100 w/diverter valve

  • The VeriPure VP6100 is the perfect addition to your Home, Cabin, Rv, Business etc. The VP6100 boast a .75 GPM water flow rate. Generally installed at your kitchen sink for pure drinking water, but thats not all thou! With the VeriPure you have the disinfection power of ozone at the POU (point-of-use) for washing vegetables, poultry, meats, utencils, surfaces etc. The dissolved ozone within the water flow of the VeriPure quickly reduces and helps diminish bacteria, germs and food borne pathogens to keep youself, family and customers healthy and safe.